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Hypnosis for Cancer Care

Hypnosis for Cancer Care

Finding the Strength & the Courage to Cope With Cancer & Treatment

hypnosis for cancer careWelcome to Hypnosis for Cancer Care, my name is Moira Hutchison and I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or are struggling with the emotional upheaval that cancer treatment can bring about, you need to know that help is here for you.

The aim of Hypnosis for Cancer Care is to give people going through cancer the strength and courage they need to journey through this experience in the best possible way.

We operate from two locations – in Burnstown and Ottawa.


Something to be aware of is that unlike the physical treatment of cancer, the psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis and subsequent mental trauma is not something that has really ever been embraced by modern medicine, this often leaves cancer patients and their families feeling alone, abandoned, frightened and unsure of how to deal with the roller coaster of emotions, fears and thoughts that they experience.

How Does the Treatment Work?

As a Hypno-Chemo Cancer Care Practitioner I am here to offer people with cancer and their families a professional, caring service, that psychologically assists them through every stage of their illness. We do this using hypnosis, EFT and lots of positive visualization.

Truth be told, a positive mind set and healthier lifestyle will not only greatly assist a cancer patient’s treatment, it will also help reduce their perception of pain and reduce the negative side effects often associated with traditional cancer treatments.

In essence – Hypno-Chemo allows for the development of a “Positive Expectancy” at each stage of their illness whilst instilling a “Motivation to Be Well”.

The Hypno-Chemo treatment is designed to fully compliment established medical treatments. IT IS NOT AN ALTERNATIVE THERAPY so it’s here to help cancer patients appreciate that they can actively participate in their journey to wellness. They don’t have to just defer to modern medicine, as good as it is, and hope for the best.

If you wish to find out more we offer a free consultation in either of our Burnstown or Ottawa offices or please continue to look around this website!

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Hypno-Chemo: Complementary Cancer Care