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About Hypno-Chemo

About Hypno-Chemo

About Hypno-ChemoHypno-Chemo as the name implies is a combination of Hypnotherapy directly related to help those coping with cancer to deal with the emotional trauma of Cancer.

In our society in general cancer is a very taboo and emotive subject that many would prefer to ignore. However, statistics say that one in three will be affected by cancer during our lifetime.

Modern Medicine is extremely good at treating the physical side of cancer, however the emotional side of the condition isn’t something that modern medicine seems to have grasped as well as it could. Leaving many cancer patients (and their families) feeling abandoned, isolated, distraught and unsure how to cope….

The Hypno-Chemo treatment is there to fill that void, to offer cancer sufferers (and their care-givers as required) a psychological treatment that’s designed to reduce anxiety, to give them back a sense of control and acceptance as to where they find themselves.

Hypno-Chemo Practitioners achieve this using hypnotherapy, EFT, positive visualization and of course, common sense.

Hypno-Chemo cancer care therapy is not an alternative treatment to medicine, but rather a complementary treatment that aims to give cancer patient the strength and courage to face and move through their condition.

Being diagnosed and treated for cancer is a huge psychological strain, the Hypno-Chemo treatment is designed to offer every adult cancer patient emotional relief, no manner what their diagnosis maybe or what stage they find themselves at. We do this by building acceptance and confidence that will encourage a “positive expectancy” and a “motivation to mend”.

If you wish to find out more about how Hypnosis for Cancer Care and the Hypno-Chemo treatment can help you, please feel free to call me at 613.432.1239 and schedule a 30 minute free consultation.


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Hypno-Chemo: Complementary Cancer Care