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Testimonials - Hypnosis for Cancer Care


When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I wanted part of my healing to include a deeper understanding of what makes me tick-how I feel about myself, the decisions I make and the responsibilities that I take on.

I needed to find someone who could help me discover my truths. Luckily, I found Moira. From our first meeting, Moira’s observations and questions served as a mirror for me, revealing some unhealthy and unhelpful behaviours and assumptions that I was using in my everyday life. This was having an overall negative effect on my morale and my energy.

Moira has worked with me to rewrite my self-talk and help focus my energy on positive and self-fulfilling activities. Moira’s gentle, yet direct approach has led to effective and transformative results for me, and for others with whom I regularly share my learnings.

Thanks Moira and I look forward to our next session!
Terry Vida


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Hypno-Chemo: Complementary Cancer Care